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Diversity Marketplace - Young, Fly & Branded

04.25.21 | Economic Empowerment Ministry

Diversity Marketplace - Young, Fly & Branded

    Join DMp as we showcase the talent, skills, ability and knowledge that God has provided through this entrepreneur exposition. This quarter's theme is "Young, Fly & Branded". The event will take place on Saturday, May 22, 2021 from 6pm to 8pm.

    Event Details

    Join Diversity Marketplace (DMp) as we showcase the talent, skills, ability and knowledge that God has given black people.

    The Diversity Marketplace (DMp) is hosting an entrepreneur expo event.  This quarter’s theme is “Young, Fly & Branded.”  You will be able to learn about young black businesses and their stories and maybe even get inspired to want to start your own.  We have vendors from the west to the east coast and even some Springfield Baptist Church members.  You will see an Esthetician, a jewelry maker and even a black ballerina.

    During this time of social distancing our worship and church is not restricted by distance and the same is true of the black community – we have expanded as we unite.

    Quick Fact:  There was a time that the dollar remained in the black community for 3-5 years!  Let’s get back to this time!

    Our goal as DMp is to be a conduit to help expose and bridge the gap among us with a primary goal of maintaining the dollar within the black community for more than a few hours.

    Join us on Zoom Saturday, May 22, 2021 from 6 – 8pm to learn more about the stories of a few black small businesses that are designed to inspire and encourage.  When we help one, we help us all.  Are you shopping with DMp?

    DisclaimerYour purchasing experience will be COMPLETELY between you and the vendor.

    Note: Zoom Information is below Vendor Information 

    Vendor Information

    Dance Speaks Performing Arts

    Owner: Lene’ Bostick

    Business Contact #: 919-791-7450

    PREFERRED contact method: dancespeaksacademy.com |

    Business Category:  Performing Arts

    Description of business: Dance Speaks Performing Arts Academy was born out of a desire to expand dance and performing arts exposure, and its many benefits throughout all socioeconomic levels of the community. 

    Our mission is to connect the classical performing arts to our community, and communities under-exposed to these programs; in a conscious effort to expand art exposure and awareness of it's benefits.

    Social Media: 

    Facebook: @dancespeaksperformingarts | https://www.facebook.com/dancespeaksperformingarts/


    FaVrd Designs

    Owner: Tania Brown

    Business Contact #: 336-380-1586

    PREFERRED contact method: phone, email, and social media

    Business Category:  Craft

    Description of business: FaVrd Designs is a mixture of a little bit of everything; we customize clothing/apparel and beaded jewelry, wine bottle holder/coaster sets, graphic design, and event coordinating. We can show favor in many areas.

    Social Media: 

    Facebook: FaVrd Designs |Instagram: @favrddesigns |email:


    Dawes Customz

    Owner: Jalen Dawes

    Business Contact #: 9196218076

    PREFERRED contact method:  Instagram, email

    Business Category:  sneaker customization

    Description of business:  My business is wearable art that showcases a level of creativity through the art itself. It is a business that put the needs of the customers before anything else while also sharing a piece of who I am and the gift that was given to me.

    Social Media: Instagram: jdawes_customz | Email:


    Jackson Cares

    Owner:  Jackson Clark

    Business Contact #:  9196962554

    PREFERRED contact method: n/a

    Business Category:  charitable donations

    Description of business:  Jackson Cares provides food, toiletries, blankets, and minimal clothing to the homeless population. Jackson took notice of his homeless friends in the cold in November 2020 and he asked if we could help them. From that point, friends and family made charitable donations to assist in his cause.


    La Belle Beaute’

    Owner: Gabrielle Pierce

    Business Contact #: 301-802-8931

    PREFERRED contact method: Email 

    Business Category: Accessories 

    Description of business: At La Belle Beauté we sell a variety of accessories including charm bracelets, lipgloss, keychains, hair accessories, and more. My business is unique because we don't make the same charm bracelet twice so when someone purchases our bracelets they're able to buy a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

    Social Media: 

    E-mail:  | Make purchases through our website: www.shoplabelleb.com
    Instagram: @labellebeaute__ | Facebook: @shoplabellebeaute | Twitter: @labellebeaute_ | Tiktok: @shoplabellebeaute | Pinterest: @labellebeaute_


    Let’s Talk Church Podcast

    Owner: Sanya King

    Business Contact #: 919-539-8789

    PREFERRED contact method:  Email  

    Business Category:  Education

    Description of business:  Let's Talk Church is a podcast featuring conversations for the church curious and convinced. Our goal is to provide educational content for those seeking to learn more about the God of the Bible or further their faith. These conversations and teachings are Christ-centered and relevant to the needs of today.

    Social Media: 

    Email:  | Instagram: @talkchurch | Website: talkchurch.org


    Owner:  Jessica Dawes

    Business Contact #:  9196182091

    PREFERRED contact method:  Website

    Business Category:  Clothes 

    Description of business:  My business is based on a Print-on-Demand (POD) business model. Using this model, I create designs and sell them on various products on a website called Redbubble.

    Social Media: 

    Instagram: simply.designz11 |Website: bit.ly/SimplyDesignz11


    Skyn Glow by Herbal Glow

    Owner:  Monique Neal

    Business Contact #:  9194137117

    PREFERRED contact method: website  

    Business Category:  Professional Services 

    Description of business:  I create relaxing and beneficial experiences that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed. I offer full body waxing and a variety of rejuvenating facials.

    Social Media: 

    Website: www.herbalglowus.com | Instagram: @skynglow_hg 


    Ashleyh Yemia LLC

    Owner:  Ashleyh Korgar

    Business Contact #:  919-825-8185

    PREFERRED contact method: Email

    Business Category:  Media Hosting Business

    Description of business:  Ashley Yemia LLC is simply a brand and business focused on me the owner bringing forth an experience for all who choose to have me as a host for an event they will be gearing up for.  I'm available for things such as panel discussions, media coverage, voice overs, Fashion shows, private events (baby showers, etc.,) club hostings, wedding hostings and much more.

    Social Media:

    Email:  | YouTube Channel - ASHLEYH YEMIA' | FB - Ashleyh Yemia


    Zoom Information

    Topic: Diversity Marketplace Shopping Event

    Time: Saturday, May 22, 2021 6:00pm Eastern Time

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