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Steps for Membership


2. Attend 4 Foundation Classes (Joined after MARCH 1st, 2024)

  • Foundational Classes take place Sundays at 8:30am in the Intake Room.
  • These classes restart every month and NO Class on 5th Sundays.

3 Meet with Dr. Sturdivant

These steps do NOT have to be completed in a particular order.

Please provide your information by filling out the form below.

Provide the dates you attended Super Duper Saturday, met with Pastor Sturdivant and if you have completed the foundational classes (if needed).

We will officially receive new members (who have completed all steps) during worship service on Sunday, June 23, 2024 by extending the Right Hand of Fellowship!   

New Here?



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How did you join?*

Did you Join in person during a service or fill out a "Point of Decision" form on our Website?

Have you attended a Super Saturday Event?*

Foundation Classes (Begins April 7th)*

If you joined after March 1, 2024, Foundation Classes are required. Classes are held every Sunday at 8:30am in the Membership Intake Room.

If you answer yes, which Super Saturday did you attend?*

Have you met with Pastor Sturdivant?*