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Scholarship Application


Scholarship Application

    Details on this year's scholarship and application.

    Scholarship Details and Application 

    Please click here for a PDF of the requirements. 


    To All Perspective Springfield Baptist Church High School Senior Scholarship Applicants:

    The Scholarship Ministry of Springfield Baptist Church will award scholarships to high school seniors who meet the required qualification criteria. Scholarship awards will be made payable directly to the students.

    In order to qualify for the scholarship, high school seniors must:

    • Be a member of Springfield Baptist Church
    • Have an unweighted 3.0 GPA 
    • Submit a copy of high school transcript (official or unofficial) 
    • Submit a copy of college acceptance letter 
    • Be active in one of the following (attendance/participation will be confirmed): 
      • Sunday School 
      • Bible Study 
      • Youth Choir 
      • Usher
      • Other (i.e. Participation or assistance with any other church ministry, auxiliary, or special projects - an example of a special project would be roadside pickup). 

    A copy of the scholarship application is found here. In addition to the application, a written essay on a topic determined by the Scholarship Ministry is also required. The essay must be typed, double-spaced and a minimum of 2-pages in length. Topics to select from include:

    • My Most Productive/Challenging Fruits (Galatians 5)
    • The Divine Direction 
    • My Vision, God's Plan 
    • Is It Possible To Be A Christian And Be Cool (Romans 12:2-3)
    • From Doubt to Faith
    • How COVID-19 Has Affected or Changed My Life In 2020

    All information must be turned in to the Scholarship Ministry no later than June 21, 2020. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED/CONSIDERED.

    Please contact a member of the Scholarship Ministry should you have any additional questions.
    Thank you.