The Associate Ministers of Springfield Baptist Church

The Associate Ministers assist the Pastor in various leadership roles, which include leading ministries, teaching in the Academy, as well as in Sunday School and New Members classes. In the rare absence of the Pastor for Sunday morning service, an Associate Minister, at the lead of the Pastor, will be selected to deliver a message. 


Associate Ministers  Listed by Alphabetical Order


  /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Alston_5645_SpringField.JPG   /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Blue_5675_SpringField.JPG /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Bonner_5754_SpringField.jpg 
  Minister Antonio Alston  Minister Greg Blue Minister Al Bonner
 /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Bryant_5653_SpringField.JPG     /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Davis-R_5682_SpringField.JPG
 Reverend William Bryant   Reverend Nolan Davis  Reverend Roger Davis
  /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Farmer_5673_SpringField.JPG  /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Joyner_5758_SpringField.jpg  /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Keller_5643_SpringField.JPG
Reverend Mark Farmer   Reverend Curtis Joyner - Senior Associate Minister Adrienne Keller
 /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/King-D_5685_SpringField.JPG  /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/SAN_6760_2.jpg /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Leach_5669_SpringField.JPG
 Reverend Donald King Reverend Sanya King Reverend Angela Leach
 /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Marshall_5745_SpringField.jpg /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Shannon_5636_SpringField.JPG  /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Troy_5689_SpringField.JPG
Reverend Claudine Marshall Minister Ernest Shannon Reverend Gene Troy - Senior Associate
/files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Turner_5762_SpringField.jpg  MinTTurner /files/Pictures/Ministers - Black Robes/Vance_5756_SpringField.jpg 
 Minister Melvin Turner Minister Teresa Turner Reverend Elmo Vance