Children's Ministry

The mission of the Springfield Children's Ministry is to expound the truths of God's Word to our children and to their parents so that they may come to understand and rely on God's Word in their everyday lives. 

Membership Ministry

The ministry strives to increase the vitality and diversity of the congregation, encourage the integration of new members into the church, and strengthen the commitment of existing members.

Seniors Ministry 

The Springfield Seniors Ministry is very active. They meet on a regular basis to fellowship, learn from each other, share the Word of God and have a great time in the Lord.

Women's Fellowship

The Women's Fellowship ministry meets on the Friday before the 2nd Sunday of each month at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall. 

Couples Ministry

This ministry exists to aid couples in their marriage to become more and more purpose-driven -- to focus on the needs of others in balancing the purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, service, and missions.

Men's Fellowship

This ministry focuses on instructing and encouraging men to stand as leaders in their homes, relationships and communities.

Singles Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to be a Christ driven sounding board and support system for those who are single; be it by virtue of having never been married, divorced, widowed, or widowered as they strive to work within God's Word throughout their daily lives.

History Ministry

The History Ministry records the events in the life of the church. Do not be surprised to see them coming around taking your picture during special events. Images captured by the History Ministry are displayed throughout the website. 

Ministers and Deacons Wives Ministry

This ministry is under the leadership of our First Lady, Mrs. Debra Sanders.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry's goal is to prepare youth, ages 13‐18, to become effective Disciples of Christ.